You Know You’re A Bunny Parent When…

Owning a bunny will change your life. No longer will your needs be the number one priority. Your shopping cart will be filled with healthy vegetables and your house will resemble something like a farmhouse. But the love you get in return from your bunny is well worth everything!

See if you can identify with any of these!

You Are A True Bunny Parent When…

You get the chills with loose electric cables completely unprotected on the floor.

You find bald patches in your carpet.

You have to buy new phone or computer chargers.

You find hay in your hair!

You find rabbit poop under your pillow.

You pick up stray rabbit poops with your fingers.

You have a happy heart no matter how bad the day is going.

Silence is suspicious, what’s being chewed?

You lie on your bed, and are not mad when you wake up with a poop stuck to your face.

You vacuumed and it looks like you haven’t in a week.

You fence in your television.

When u have toys, litter, and hay everywhere around your house.

When you’re in the drive through getting ready to pay and in your change compartment in your wallet you find 2 poop balls.

Rabbit eating

Silence is a scary sound.

When every inch of your house has been nibbled.

You can’t eat a banana without saving a bite for your baby.

When you have a bunny room and a separate bunny fridge for their veg.

You buy salad 2x a week.

You have more pics of your bunny than yourself.

You cringe when people make jokes about eating rabbits.

Every bite of food comes with a sliver of bun hair topping.

Your guest bedroom is now called the bunny or rabbit bedroom.

Your floor is now made of hay.

You are comfortable with picking up poop balls bare-handed without even giving it a second thought.

When you are woken up at 3am by your bun binkying on your bed.

Your house smells like a barn.

Your eats before you.

You never want to leave the house because your rabbit gives you that look.

You can’t even think of a vacation without taking them.

When you can’t walk around your house without stepping on a poo ball.

You have to keep vacuuming every other day.

You spend more money on the bunny than yourself on unnecessary stuff.

You keep thinking your house isn’t big enough for your buns needs.

When you order 3 phone cords per month.

You can’t eat a banana in peace.

rabbit on table

You go shopping and all you can think about is what your bun wants or needs.

Your book covers are destroyed.

Your rabbit eats healthier than you.

When you shop in the dog clothing spot for the extra smalls only.

Every noise doesn’t make you think you are going to get murdered but sigh and wonder who jumped out their cage.

When there’s hay in the washer.

You no longer have buttons on the TV remote or you have chunks taken out of the buttons of your shoes.

When you have to tell the cashier “I don’t actually eat this many vegetables.”

You worry more that your bunny is getting more vegetables than your kids?

You have a painter on call for eaten walls and trim.

Every single piece of wood furniture has teeth marks on it and covering up any paper material that’s in reachable distance even if you’ll be gone literally 2 minutes.

You ask for the empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls without explanation.

You live for sweet little bunny kisses.

You find bunny poop in between your toes or slippers and it doesn’t phase you

When you eat a carrot and your husband looks at you and says you’re eating the baby’s food.

When you always feel like somebody’s watching you, and you have no privacy.

When you don’t go anywhere without a bunny backpack strapped to your chest.

You start sticking coco puffs in your pockets because your little miscreant heard the doorbell ring and you have been cleaning all day. And you live for the kisses and the binkies.

When you always say bye bye to them when you leaving and bring fresh herbs when you come back even if it is for 10 minutes.

Nesquik was your favorite cereal until your bunny came into your life.

Everything you buy has bunnies on it or gifts from everyone has bunnies.

When you can’t wear black because there fur is all over it.

Rabbit yawning

Shavings/bedding is literally everywhere in your house and all on your clothes.

When you clean their scent gland with your bare hands.

You put up with their horrible attitudes.

You lay on the floor for an hour watching them eat.

You get fresh organic vegetables for them and you eat the old stuff.

When you smell the pee from the next room.

When your bunny eats better than you. Daily salads!

You hear loud stomps from a different room and instantly jump up to find out what peeved your bun off.

When you have 3 different harnesses, ten different kind of treats, 5 water bowls, 2 water bottle, 3 hay racks, wood sticks and 2 litter boxes in your cupboard and not mentioning the ball pit in the middle of the living room.

You shop the clearance Easter section at TJ Maxx and want everything.

When you say “stop chewing on the wall” multiple times a day.

When they’re the first you greet when you walk through the door.

You buy anything and everything you see that you think your bun might like.

You go to the pet store and the employees already have your order waiting.

You find yourself “flopping.”

Your phone is full of bunny photos.

You’re having a nice relaxing bath only to find 17 pieces of hay floating around that were hiding in your hair.

Your bunny becomes the boss of you.

You’re constantly checking if poo is stuck to their butts.

You spend ton of money on toys.

You find more bunny fur on your clothes and hairbrush then you do your own hair.

You’re on your umpteenth set of earbuds.

You can’t walk through your house without your bun circling your legs and tripping you repeatedly.

You probably have bunny proofed your home more than you have actually baby proofed it.

All your wood furniture has chew marks.

Your clothes have little bite holes.

When all your bedding has small holes from your bun child biting and digging at them so she can be comfortable.

You feel guilty about eating fruit by myself.

Your “kid” ACTUALLY WANTS to eat their vegetables.

Grocery store attendants think you’re so healthy because your trolley is full of kale and lettuce.

When you are driving down the road and see dandelions and think “oh my bunny would love to eat those” so you pull over and pick a ton of them.

You get nipped by the little bugger for not sharing whatever they deem theirs that you are eating.

You go out to buy milk, stop in at the store and buy cilantro because it looked so fresh. Drive home and forget to buy the milk.

When you stretch in class or work and bunny poops roll out of your pant legs onto the floor.

Referring to your bunnies lovingly as “poop machine” or “pee machine.”

When all life decisions revolve around your buns. When to plan vacation? Depends when your pet sitter is free. What kind of house to buy? One with an extra room for the buns and no stairs.

When you carry a lint roller in your car at all times.

You have to explain to your house guests that you have an indoor free roam rabbit. Always the first thing out of their mouths “He just runs around free? He’s litter box trained?”

When there’s more luggage for one little 3lb fur ball than there is for three full size humans going on vacation.

When the fruit and veggies in the fridge aren’t for you.

When you have a litter box behind your toilet, under your bed, in the closet (door always gets left open), and in your sink cabinet that doesn’t shut all the way.

When people give you weird looks because it’s not a dog or cat on a leash.

When you have to replace a pair of shoes three times because he’s a ninja and can get into anything.

Your work colleges know not to throw out the paper towel rolls and newspapers, and stock pile them on your desk instead.

You plant your garden based on what bun will like to eat.

Your Instagram feed consists of other bunnies that you follow.

When you have to calm your house guests in the middle of the night and explain to them that the scratching noises and the little pitter patter sound of footsteps downstairs is not a ghost.

When everyone that comes to my house knows not to leave stuff on the floor.

You can’t open the fridge door without anyone noticing!

Your co-worker knows your rabbit before you.

You have a custom printed blanket with your rabbits on it

The day after Easter is your favorite day because that’s when all the bunny decor is on sale.

You stamp your feet to discipline.

When you wake up to your bunny sleeping against your pillow.

You have a picture of your rabbit as your screen saver.

When you sell a bag of poop for $5 as garden fertilizer.

You talk to a bunny instead of a therapist.

Your base boards turn to dust.

When you brag to everyone about your buns like they are your kids.

When you look at your bedroom and realize it’s no longer yours.

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