Before you bring home your new furry friend, there are some important things you need to get in order.

For us with our bunny Grooty, we bought things we realized we never needed! And had to buy other items we missed. So here is the low down for bunny care 101.

Step 1: Know These About Bunnies

It is good to have some basic knowledge about bunnies before you bring your first one (or two) home. For example, did you know that bunnies can drink as much water as a small dog in a day?

Learning this is part of the reason why we ditched the water bottle for a water bowl. But there is much more to learn and you can learn from our mistakes.

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Step 2: Bunny Proof Your House

When you think your home is bunny-proofed, think again! Any corner, wooden object, cable, or things lying on the floor are fair game. Our Grooty got into our kitchen and started nibbling a sack of potatoes on the floor. Let’s not mention my shoes…

Safe to say, keep things off the floor. That just requires some organization. However, you can’t move furniture and walls. So these require some home DIY.

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Step 3: Set Up Your Bunnies Home

You don’t need a cage. A bunny needs space to roam, binky, and cosy up to you at night. So, what do you need for your bunnies home if you don’t need a cage?

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Step 4: Select The Right Hay (And Get Lots Of It!)

Did you know your bunny’s hay requirements changes as they age and grow? Certain hay should be fed to baby bunnies to help them grow. Other types of hay are more suitable for adult bunnies as they have less calcium.

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Step 5: Provide Other Vegetables & Treats

Hay and pellets are the bulk of your bunny’s diet. However, leafy green vegetables are the third major part of a bunnies’ diet. Don’t skip on these!

And who can resist giving their little cut fur ball a treat? It’s important to know exactly what your bunny can eat and not eat.

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Step 6: Litter Train Your Bunny

Your bunny pooping and peeing around your home is going to happen in the beginning. But, you can litter train your bunny just like a dog so they only go in their litter tray.

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Step 7: Give Them Toys!

Bunnies need stimulation! You may remember when you were growing up seeing bunnies in cages with nothing to do. This is no life for your bunny.

Enrich their lives with various chew toys. They don’t have to cost you a thing!

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Step 8: Bonding Time (If You Have More Than One Bunny)

Bonded bunnies are the cutest thing you will see. This is part of enriching their lives. Finding them a soul mate. Buying bunnies already bonded saves you from this step. However, if you want another addition to your family, you’ll need to know the steps to bond them safely.

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Step 9: Vet Time

A step you cannot skip. Fixing your bunny reduces their risk of fatal disease drastically and prevents an unwanted litter of bunnies running around your home!

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Step 10: Understand Your Bunnies Behavior

Not sure what it means when your bunny is grinding their teeth? Or if your bunny is asleep? Or not feeling well? These are all important behaviors to understand and learn to spot.

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