We are proud parents of our bunny Grooty. James, originally from New Zealand, and Mona, originally from South Africa, are currently living in Romania. Mona has always been a big animal lover having owned every pet imaginable from fish, to birds, to dogs while growing up. James has had the usual pets of cats and dogs.

We decided that we needed a pet to call our house a home while we are here in Romania. After doing hours of research, going to the pet store almost every week for close to a year, we finally decided to buy our bunny.


As beginner bunny owners, we made many mistakes in the beginning. But after hours of research and searching countless questions, we have learned a lot about raising our bunny and we want to make sure that you have the answers to your burning questions. We want to make sure you avoid some of the same mistakes that we made.

We will be posting and sharing all the things we have learned throughout our time raising Groot. Please feel free to share our articles and infographics to your friends!